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Roadmap Brunoailabs


Our goal is to launch NFT projects on every chain that is safe and secure. My job is to apply for launch sites, package NFT projects and keep our artists producing amazing work with several forms of AI software and pixlr products.

Poor Muppet Rappers to RMR (Rich Muppet Rappers)

This NFT project is a rap battle between two groups of Muppets: Rich Muppet Rappers (RMR) and Poor Muppet Rappers (PMR). The PMR are trying to make it big in the rap game and are competing in beat battles, rap contests, and studio time. The RMR are the established rap stars and are the ones to beat. All giveaways of THOR coin, as well as launch info and whitelists will occur on our discord.

Brunoailabs Website


Welcome to PMR from Bruno ai Labs, Each NFT will showcase a different Poor/ Rich Muppet Rapper and a unique design, but Now here comes the good part, Token THOR will be attached to the PMR NFT, holders of PMR/RMR NFTs will have access to our discord for contests for THOR rewards! New GEN NFTs from Bruno AI Labs will also be given out as prizes. is a cutting-edge online website platform that serves as a launchpad for emerging artists who want to showcase their art to a wider audience. By providing a space for artists to list and portray their work, is dedicated to giving new artists the opportunity to have their talent recognized and appreciated. The website offers a one-click launchpad for multichain NFTs on the most popular blockchain networks, including Vechain, Solana, Matic, Ethereum, and HBAR.

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